One of the shows I really grew to like the last period is Person of Interest. An exceptional crime sci-fi drama about Artificial Intelligence created by the amazing Jonathan Nolan. The shows basic idea for the first season is that there is a Machine that its purpose is to predict crimes . This Machine was created by the genious billionaire Harold Finch who after the 9/11 incidents decided to build this supercomputer that predicts crimes. In the first season thought it is not made clear that the Machine is an AI rather than a computer that gives up the social security numbers of people that are involved in these crimes victims or perpetrators. The Machine does that by observing people through cameras, e mails, phonecalls and through other means. The Machine though itself can not intervene and stop these crimes from happening so Harold needs the help of someone with the skills to intervene and so he finds another interesting badass character John Reese. Mr. Reese is an ex military and CIA agent who in the start of the show is a homeless drunk and Finch finds him and offers him a job. These two grew to become the best friends ever and form a very special bond. So John and Harold start dealing with the numbers that come up every day and they save people and in the process detective Carter and detective Fusco join team Machine. At the middle of the season we got a mention of a mysterious hacker who achieves to hack Harolds computer and you can call her Root. Root is appearing at the end of the season as Caroline Turing and long story short this identity is just a decoy for Harold so that Root – Mrs Groves proves the existance of the Machine.  This is pretty much S1 .  The general idea is that in a city of 8 million people (NYC) they all have one thing in common which is noone knows what is gonna happen next but Harold and his benevolent AI machine know it is like Batman in AI and Mr Reese is actually better than Batman