Being a queer person in a rather homophobic society is not the best thing that can happen to you. When someone asks if we really need a Pride the answer is yes we do for many reasons but not only one day once a year for a couple of hours and after everyone goes back to their cave. We need more drastic measures in our society . We want to be free to love whoever we want without getting weird looks from strangers. We want to be free to walk down the road holding hands like all straight couples do and no one says nothing. We want to be able to kiss in public without getting booed from others.  To go on romantic dates without some guy come and joining out table to “keep company to the beautiful ladies ” or the whole restaurant to look at us and whispering.  We need to be free to say we are into girls without some guy saying it is because you have not gone with the right male yet and be taken as a joke .  Because there are people who want to start a family with their same sex partner and raise a beautiful family.Because we are humans too and love is the most beautiful thing a person can experience in their lives and can make it more bearable , more colorful, more sweet. This is why we need the stupid prides and some support .