Black Mirror is one of these tv shows that leaves you thinking days after you have watched one of its episodes. One of these is also be right back , the basic cast is Hayley Atwell, Domhnall Gleeson, Claire Keelan,Sinead Mathews and others.

Martha is a woman who is in a relationship with Ash and they are a normal couple who has a healthy love life . But one day something happens and Ash passes away leaving behind Martha who is also pregnant with his child. Martha is devastated by her lover’s passing and has lost hope until one of her friends tells her that there is an application or program with which she can talk to Ash. This program takes all of Ash’s social media posts and transforms all of his social thoughts into his personality. Martha is shocked at first by this suggestion but later she opens her computer and starts a rather weird conversation with “Ash” but not of course the real one. This goes on for days , weeks , months in which Martha talks with fake Ash through messages and calls. After that Martha is not satisfied at how this way of communication goes and Ash tells her that there is an upgrade to this program which is rather creepy. Martha who is desperate of seeing her lover  again agrees to that and takes the upgrade . I am not gonna continue the story cause you have to see the rest yourself and it is shocking.


This episode is about how losing someone can drive you to the very limits. It deals with how we can not let go of the people we love and care about when we lose them and our obsession with social media that follow us even after we have left this world. The main theme is not the acceptance of loss .Of course it is not easy to to accept that someone you love is gone but what it is portrayed in this episode is rather unusual and creepy and scary.

In conclusion if you like dystopian science fiction stories you should definitely watch Black Mirror it is one of the most innovative shows on telly .