Inglourious basterds was a pretty decent Tarantino movie. The director and writer is of course Quentin Tarantino and the badic cast includes Christoph Waltz, Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Melanie Laurent , Eli Roth, Michael Fassbender and many other actors.
The film takes place at the WW2 era where a team of soldiers known as the ” Bastards ” takes revenge againist the Nazis by killing them and torturing them.
It was generally a nice film to watch the plot was intense the diaoogues were lively . We have a great performance from Waltz who delivers a comedical and setious the same time performance and maybe outshined Pitt in the film. The plot is built up and keeps the viewer in agony till the last minute of the movie. Another good thing is the variety of languages we get in the film instead . It could be all in english but Tarantino chose to use french, german and even italian on it which makes it more entertaining . Tarantino as everyone knows is the master of showing violence on screen who can forget kill bill or pupl fiction ? In this film though the violence could be more we dont see the bloodpath or killings we used to have in other films and sometimes the dialogue is going on for a time the viewer might get bored but the last moments of the film where the big fire is on at the cinema and everyone is shot makes it up for other boring parts of it.
In general it was an interesting intense film with very good plot and very nice performancies and agony till the last minute that it makes it enjoyable and a good way to pass your time.