Truth is we are all from our nature selfish. Some of us are just a little and some are to a point of sociopathy. It is good though to be selfish in some situations because otherwise you become a victim of the others . Noone wants to be a  victim and noone wants to be a sociopath. These are the two limits of selfishness , what you have to be is to determine how selfish you are depended on the situation . For example when you see a homeless person in the winter it would be something really nice to cook him a hot meal and give him a blanket or a jacket you dont need anymore. This is actually should be common sense but it has been lost nowadays a lot . The worst thing is to watch yourself turn into a selfish one and because you have been hurt much in the past by people just to accept your new not altruistic self. What matters the most is to find peace in you and enjoy something you like but also to try and pass some happiness to people around you that you value and for them you cant be selfish you have to be yourself.