There is this day in the middle on February called the valentine’s day when everyone suddenly remembers about love and flowers and happiness. The media are going crazy and almost everyone posts photos of flowers and chocolates and talks about love and stuff. Forgive me if I am wrong but this whole “celebration” has turned to be one of the most mercantile days of the year. This is what people have turned it to and it is a kind of shame, cause if you really love someone you love that person and you show the love 365 days of the year not only just a day in February, this celebration has to be re evaluated and also to change its meaning it is ridiculous to celebrate a day about love when we have people who starve out there, people who don’t have a place to live , people who get killed because of what they believe it is just  seems too pretentious to me. Love is something you feel in your bones and you fight about so please just try to keep it decent and simple and celebrate every day as much as you can.